Monday, March 14, 2011

Vendor of archaeological objects, in France


  1. RE: Friday's presentations. While strolling along in a 16th century medieval village in Saint-Paul de Vence, France I came across this tourist shop that appears to be purveyors of fine 'certified' artifacts and as the sign says for collectors also. looking through the window you can see a variety of artifacts (or what appears to be artifacts). There is a website listed on one of the images!

  2. Lovely photos Michael! You'd be amazed at the global market for antiquities - the fact that the ad is in English tells you a lot. Although it is certainly legal (if ethically questionable) to buy and sell ancient artifacts that can be sourced, in many cases objects are acquired illegally. The amounts of money at stake can be enormous. Check out the work by Morag Kersel and Neil Brodie for an archaeologist's take on this.

  3. If there was ever a doubt of the profitability of global vs. local heritage, shops like these are a definite proof. (mostly) Mediterranean artifacts in a French shop with signs (and website) written in English.

    BTW: Neil Brodie... no relation to a certain Marcus Brodie is there? Sorry, couldn't resist...